Ephemeral Evidence (2019)

Forensics of Imagination (2019-)

Inverted Eye Existential Detective Bureau (2018-)

Passage (2017)

Murderer on a White Horse (2016)

The Duel – Where’s Your Honour, Man? (2012)


75th Anniversary of the liberation of Denmark (2020)

Gina Jaqueline – a sugar dater’s tale (2017)

Martin without the X (2017)

The Murder of Jannick (2015)

It Ends With Murder (2015)

Give us back Norway (2014)

Ph.D. Cup (2014)

Ph.D. Cup (2013)

Live from the End of the World (2012)

What was never said (2012)

Bully, Bro, Brain, Bimbo (2012)

Ignorants (2009)


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creative producer


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episode director


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documentary series 4×30′

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documentary antology 3×30′

live performance / documentary 150′

live performance (science slam)

live performance (science slam)

live performance / documentary 150′ documentary series 4×30′

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‘climate reality’ series



75th anniversary of the liberation of Denmark (2020)

Nazi Germany acknowledged its defeat in the Netherlands, northern Germany, Denmark and Norway on the 4th of May 1945.

Exhibits of Ephemeral Evidence (2019)

Installation at the Shifting Perspective exhibit at Grootlab/DAS in Amsterdam, June-July 2019

Passage (2017)

A post-research of Murderer on a White Horse (2016), Passage (2017) is a short alternative version. The originalcommissioning didn’t allow for certain parts of the footage and aspects of the story and I felt a need to make my peace with the project by exploring this part of its potential.

The Duel—Where’s Your Honour, Man? (2012)

A documentary about the history and philosophy of the duelling practice that took place within militia and nobility in Denmark until WW1. We approached it from a present-day perspective: what does a modern man do when offended? Do we have an institution or ritual that reciprocates what the duel was meant for? There is a strong sense of exile that has to do with humiliation and loss of position (and violence). During a post-research process I noted these thematic keywords: Burden of individualism (vs. ‘group-ism’) / Confusion of masculinity / Refusal of shame / (Self) understanding through alienation / Vindicating one’s worth. Interestingly, they may as well have been extracted from Murderer on a White Horse.

Murderer On A White Horse (2017)

Mariann led a double life: On one hand she was living with her boyfriend and their young daughter. On the other hand she was the girlfriend of notorious murderer Peter Lundin who is serving a life sentence. On the day she married Lundin the tabloids exposed her, crashing her conflicting realities and catapulting her from one exile—that of the deceit—into another, namely the one imposed by her peers. I directed. 

Gina Jacqueline: A Sugardater’s Tale (2017)

A documentary light series for tv which follows the life of Gina, a mid-twenties party girl whose secret identity as a sugar babe (a form of prostitution) places her in a strange in-between-life; in love with one sugar daddy whose surroundings can’t know about her, and another in love with her but whose only asset for her is that he pays well. The series was her coming-out. I was a consulting editor/midwife. 

Live from the End of the World (2012)

When the old Mayan calendar was running out on December 21, 2012, across the world people believed it meant the end of the world. We took this for granted and created a live galla from the National Concert Hall, commemmorating the apocalypse and the time we spent together, bringing together everyone’s exiles.

Martin: Without the X  (2017)

Martin won the very first Danish X Factor when he was  15. He became insanely famous in Denmark then but left the limelight at 17 out of frustration with the comercial control over his music. He set himself up in a basement to learn the craft and fight his way back in. We followed him from when he was on the brink of transcending his exile. My colleague Sebastian directed, I was a creative producer, I co-wrote and co-edited.

The Murder of Jannick (2015)

The story of Jannick who secretly identified himself as Michelle.  He sadly committed suicide at the age of 19. We approached the story as if it was a murder investigation, examining causes and motives to slowly unveil the true nature of the tragedy. I was a creative producer, I co-developed the project and co-wrote the script.